Perle & Maca

At Perle & Maca Music Group we believe that music is one of the most powerful tools in the world. It’s understood by all, an outlet to many. It has the ability to find common ground amongst vast difference. But making great music is no easy act. It takes strong talent, the courage to bear all, dedication to the art form and a spirit of collaboration.

Perle & Maca was created by a collection of self-made entrepreneurs, musicians and creative minds who are all passionate about one thing, great music. Every day, this team pushes the limits of what’s possible. With years of experience, and having already faced the pitfalls, roadblocks, and hurdles that stand in the way of success, this team will bring expert advice and mastered skills to your talent.

Here at Perle & Maca we take a range of talent and help to breathe life into their art form by giving them access to a custom built, seasoned team who will help craft their sound, share their story and make them heard.

We offer in-house resources to take your talents to the next level.

The P&M Lab

– with unrestricted access to our studio you can create and re-create, test and adapt, giving you the ability to craft your sound. From day one you will work with a team of top producers and engineers.

Songwriter Camps

– headlined by leading songwriters, we give you access to writers to help you tell your story.

Branding and Profiling

– with a team of marketers, creative directors and public relations experts we will help to create a brand that has cultural resonance and is true to your roots.

Our Corporate Partners